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UK Announcement: Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking Centers extend their money back guarantee to include e-cigarettes!

December 2013

Users can carry on smoking OR using e-cigarettes while they quit

Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking organisation are delighted to announce that they have extended their money back guarantee to cover e-cigarettes. If smokers OR vapers follow the program according to the money back guarantee and fail to quit smoking or vaping their fee is refunded in full. This is a unique money back guarantee that has been provided to smokers for 30 years and is now extended to users of e-cigarettes.

The wonderful thing about Allen Carr’s Easyway is that whether you are using regular cigarettes, nicotine patches, nicotine gum, or e-cigarettes – it can still help to set you free.

At the moment many smokers may be inclined to switch from smoking cigarettes to using e-cigarettes and other nicotine products to achieve freedom but that really isn’t necessary.

The great news is that whether someone is smoking normal cigarettes, using e-cigarettes, or using a combination of the two, Allen Carr’s Easyway can set them free and help them become smoke (and e-cig) free. The user just has to carry on smoking or vaping and the method does the rest.

Many smokers see e-cigarettes as being the lesser of two evils – but more and more people are realising that they’d rather be entirely free of addiction.

Why you’re better off being entirely nicotine free:

• Nicotine is a highly addictive poison

• The effect of long term us of e-cigarettes is unknown (especially the amounts that it’s possible to consume using e-cigarettes)

• E-cigarettes are inexpensive now but the price is set to go only one way. Up! It’s a typical tactic of the drug pusher.

• Why do the government seem so intent on allowing e-cigarette addiction to become widespread? One word…TAX. There is no better way of raising taxes than taxing addiction.

• Who wants to be controlled by a drug to which they are addicted? This is one big reason most people want to quit smoking in the first place.

MythBusting – Allen Carr’s Easyway

The following points address the most common myths associated with quitting smoking/quitting vaping –

One of the biggest myths about quitting smoking is that you will have to suffer. The reality is – if you have the right mind-set, quitting smoking can not only be painless but also enjoyable. Just imagine – if you can find it easy to quit smoking – why on earth would you want to use nicotine in any form?

The reason people normally struggle when they quit smoking is because they believe that they’re giving something up and are being deprived of their treat or their pleasure. Once you see cigarettes in their true light you will neither miss them nor envy people who still smoke.

If you got rid of a terrible illness or disease would you go searching for something else to take its place or would you just enjoy being free?

In whose interest is it that you continue to be addicted to nicotine?

• The government (they want to tax your continued addiction)

• The pharmaceutical industry (who want to supply you)

• The tobacco industry (who also want to supply you)

In truth – can you really think of anyone else?

What you do next will affect the length, quality, and enjoyment of your future life. With a decision of that magnitude it’s important to make it an informed decision.

Allen Carr’s Easyway provides fabulous news for smokers and vapers – we guarantee that they will find it easy to quit smoking or vaping. By that we do mean that we provide a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. This guarantee applies to cigarettes AND e-cigarettes and is absolutely unique.

With Allen Carr’s Easyway there are no shock tactics, no scary stories, no horrible photos, and no health warnings. It works by exploding the myths that surround quitting smoking.

MYTH 1: Quitting smoking is going to hurt….

One of the biggest myths about quitting smoking is that you will have to suffer. The reality is – if you have the right mind-set, quitting smoking can not only be painless but also enjoyable. The reason people struggle when they quit smoking (or vaping) is because they believe that they’re giving something up and are being deprived of their treat or their pleasure. Once you see cigarettes in their true light you neither miss them nor envy people who still smoke or vape.

Observations show that smokers can go for extended periods of time without their drug and be perfectly fine. This includes chain-smokers as well as casual smokers. Even people using nicotine replacement therapy such as patches often report that the patches have fallen off and only when they realise that has happened do they start to feel anxious and unhappy. Many smokers have gone for a long period of time without smoking and been absolutely fine. Normally they’ve been absorbed with work or on a flight or train journey. It’s only when the end of the journey approaches that they started thinking about having a cigarette, starting an internal argument, thus triggering the panicky feeling that smokers and vapers fear. Allen Carr’s Easyway to quit smoking shows how to let go of the argument and enjoy freedom from nicotine without any panicky feelings at all.

Myth 2: This is going to be never-ending.

A big concern for smokers or vapers who are considering quitting is that, even if they do succeed they will still yearn for cigarettes or e-cigarettes for the rest of their life. If they know people who say they haven’t smoked for years but they still miss it, this adds weight to the ‘once a smoker, always a smoker’ misconception. If the smoker has also tried to quit smoking in the past and failed, there again seems to be more evidence that quitting smoking will be an ongoing battle.

That’s simply not what happens with Allen Carr’s Easyway. The ongoing battle is due to the smokers or ex-smokers view of the cigarettes that they’ve left behind. If you think you have lost a friend when you quit smoking or vaping – you will mourn that loss for the rest of your life. If however, you recognise that you have destroyed an enemy you can feel happy and continue rejoicing in that victory for the rest of your life.

It’s the different mind-set that determines how you feel when you quit smoking. Allen Carr’s Easyway addresses the perception of cigarettes and e-cigarettes that users hold and helps them shift it to a more realistic view.

MYTH 3: It will require pills or some sort of nicotine replacement therapy to quit smoking.

Many smokers are advised to take some kind of pharmacological intervention when they try to quit smoking. But the main problem with smoking is in your mind not your body. The actual physical withdrawal from nicotine is very mild. Nicotine replacement therapy (or e-cigarettes for that matter) keep you addicted to nicotine in another form and keep you feeling psychologically dependent on the drug. The other medications that doctors offer can have horrible side effects and are not necessary when addressing the psychological attachment to smoking. Why should the physical withdrawal from nicotine (which occurs every time you put out a cigarette) differ when you put out your last ever cigarette? Allen Carr’s Easyway explains how nicotine withdrawal works and how it is easy to avoid it being unpleasant.

People who quit smoking using nicotine replacement therapy, e-cigarettes, or other prescribed drugs do so in spite of them and not because of them. Only when you start to see cigarettes differently do you feel free from the slavery of addiction. Allen Carr’s Easyway has been enabling smokers to get free since 1983.

MYTH 4: It requires an immense willpower to quit smoking.

This is a massive myth surrounding quitting smoking. Practically every article written about quitting smoking mentions that it requires willpower to quit. The unsolicited comments on our website tells an entirely different story.

Very few mention any kind of struggle – in fact a vast majority state clearly that it was easy to quit smoking.

The truth is, typically smokers are very strong willed. In fact it takes immense willpower to be a smoker in today’s society. Almost from the moment you get up in the morning to the moment you go to bed at night there is a lot of pressure on smokers to quit smoking. You can’t even pick up your packet of cigarettes without being told to not smoke! To continue to smoke in spite of the pressure to quit requires willpower. But quitting smoking does not require willpower if you go about it in the right way. What smokers really suffer from is not a lack of willpower but rather a conflict of wills inside their mind. A part of them wants to smoke and a part of them wants to quit. Smokers go to extraordinary lengths to keep on smoking in spite of the obvious disadvantages of continuing. They certainly don’t lack willpower.

MYTH 5: I will put on weight when I quit smoking.

Many smokers quit smoking still believing that they derive some kind of pleasure or benefit from cigarettes. It’s this belief that makes smokers substitute when they quit smoking. Quite often the ex-smoker might look to food or drink to replace their lost pleasure, and so they create a different problem.

It’s a big mistake to quit smoking whilst still maintaining the view that you are giving something up. Substituting simply reinforces the conditioned view that by quitting smoking you are sacrificing something and results in the misery of substitution leading to weight gain.

If you find it easy to quit smoking there is absolutely no need to gain weight. When you quit smoking you feel physically much fitter and much more energetic. Also, your sense of taste and smell return to normal and you therefore end up reducing the amount of salt and sugar you consume resulting in a healthier kind of appetite. Research shows that smokers are statistically more likely to be overweight than non-smokers or ex-smokers.

Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking method is the cure for all nicotine addiction. Whether addicts are hooked on cigarettes, cigars, pipes, e-cigs, or nicotine patches and gum, Allen Carr’s Easyway can set them free.