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Quit Smoking Center Documentary Filmed in London

July 2011

From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway

It was wonderful to host a team of documentary makers working on a German/French TV production to our quit smoking World HQ in London last week. The film-maker team, who are creating a documentary about how to quit smoking, spent the day filming the easy way to quit smoking method being delivered to a group of volunteer clients. The clients were all smokers who had volunteered to be filmed whilst attending our quit smoking seminar.

We very much hope that by showing how we provide help to quit smoking more and more people will be inspired to become happy non-smokers rather than merely attempt to “quit” smoking (of course – a main point of Allen Carr’s Easyway is that there is nothing to “quit”).

It’s great to see our quit smoking centers featured in a project like this which also aims to look at other methods of quitting smoking.

The film-makers were really friendly and professional, and Colleen Dwyer, the Allen Carr’s Easyway Facilitator who took the seminar did a brilliant job (it’s so hard to operate normally while being filmed).

We’ve had this kind of filming occur many times over the years and it’s really important that the whole day is managed well. It’s easy for delays in filming to create real problems with the schedule, not only in the filming, but in the normal operation of the center. We never forget, regardless of the importance of the filming, our first concern is always with the smokers who trust us to maximise their chances of successfully quitting smoking.

Well done and thank you to the whole HQ team who worked so hard to ensure that the day of filming went as smoothly as possibly.