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Quit Your Child Smoking

June 2016

In this book Allen Carr applies his common-sense methods to parents and children.

It is, he asserts, by falling into the nicotine trap that the vast majority of smokers are introduced to the idea that they cannot enjoy life or cope with stress without taking chemical poisons.

If you can encourage your child to see the truth about smoking, then you may also help them avoid addiction to other drugs.

Do not simply give this book to your child – Read it yourself.

This straight-talking, sensible book is the key to achieving this aim and gives sound advice on:

How to communicate freely and openly with your children
How to understand the stresses they are under
Recognizing that smoking is not a choice, but a trap
Resisting the pressure of friends, partners and advertising
Being aware of the misconceptions surrounding smoking
Setting a good example
Quitting without substitutes

how to quit your child smoking






This is a great buy for anyone who is worried about the thought of their children smoking and wants to help them resist the pressure of friends and advertising.

You can order the ebook via our online bookstore. Simply click on the book.

Allen Carr’s Easyway has also produced a publication especially for children called
Smoking Sucks!. It is a unique tool for parents and teachers which provides expert advice on how to steer young people away from smoking. It explains why the most commonly used approaches don’t work and provides one that does.

Smoking Sucks! contains a cleverly designed and powerful pull-out comic called THE GAME for children to read. Written by quit smoking experts at Allen Carr’s Easyway and illustrated in the popular manga style, THE GAME gets the anti-smoking message across in a way that kids understand and enjoy and therefore respond to positively.

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This publication is available from our online bookstore.

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