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Peter, a happy non-smoker from Slovenia

June 2012

We thought it would be great to share some of the wonderful testimonials we receive here. Of course – we receive many to the special Tell Allen Carr’s Easyway That You’ve Quit Smoking section of our website but we still receive many longer messages about how people quit smoking with the method and these are always appreciated. Here is a testimonial from Peter in Slovenia:

For all smokers out there: don’t be afraid of this one. Light a smoke and order the book. Read while smoking. Smoke while reading. No need to change the habit. Just read the goddamn (sic) book. It does wonders.

I hear about more and more people that quit using this method and everyone has a special story. Here’s mine: a friend quit (again) using a nicotine-replacement therapy (Nicorette gums). We had a chat (he joined me for a smoke; well only passive one for him;-) and he mentioned that he later discovered this “interesting book by some guy called Allen Carr “.

I wasn’t even thinking or planning to quit at that moment, but I’m always curious for ANY reading, so I remembered this one on a Saturday afternoon….took my Kindle…browsed the Amazon book store and found the book, ordered, and started reading.

I was halfway through on Sunday and then couldn’t really put the book away, so I just kept on reading till very late on Sunday … actually I was reading it in what used to be my “smoking home office” my winter garden balcony. I finished at 1am and had that “last cigarette” that’s mentioned in the book. Went to bed and felt weird about the whole thing, not really knowing how I’d feel in the morning.

Woke up really early as I had to travel for business to Zagreb/Croatia, that’s like 150KMs from my city. Haven’t lit up. Had the usual morning coffee, did the mails, got ready and jumped in my car. Drove to Zagreb and didn’t really feel much need to smoke, although that “little nicotine monster” was calling me. I had a couple of short quits for fresh air and during each one I found one more pack of cigarillos in my car to throw away. By the time I arrived to Zagreb, my car was tobacco-free (and dust bins at few of petrol stations on the way full of those metal “Caffe Crème” tins;-).

Did all the meetings, also had a business lunch in the middle of which all the buddies at the table decided to take a quick smoking break outside. I joined in, but didn’t really feel the need to smoke. It really felt awkward for me. It’s been more or less 18 years since I didn’t really feel the need to smoke.

Practically no withdrawal pangs, no forced willpower and all the other things smokers are usually afraid of. I just had to check the calendar now – it’s been almost year and a half of freedom. Actually I’m having trouble remembering ever being a smoker 🙂

It’s just so simple to forget this awful addiction. I usually remember that I’m a non-smoker now when I meet people who realize I don’t smoke (and I get that “can’t believe YOU quit!” comment). And that are also the moments when I take a few seconds to feel proud and happy about myself. Take a long, deep breath and enjoy that it’s smoke-free.

Just read that damn book. Don’t be scared. What’s the worst that can happen? You’ll be where you are today. You don’t even need to tell anybody you’re reading. 🙂

But be sure to report back once you’re done, cause I’m sure you’ll be a happy non-smoker.

Peter, Ljubljana/Slovenia
Smoke free since January 24th 2011


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