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Obama Quits Smoking

February 2011

Allen Carr’s Easyway comment –

It’s great to hear that President Obama has quit smoking – but less encouraging that he appears to remain hooked on nicotine gum – something which will make him more likely to eventually return to smoking.

Using these conventional methods of smoking cessation the smoker continues to feel deprived and the use of a substitute actually heightens and perpetuates the feeling of deprivation. Whilst that feeling remains – he will always be vulnerable to lighting up again, for example, at times of crisis and stress – which are never far away for any President. While he continues to believe that smoking helped him cope with stress – he’ll remain vulnerable.

Allen Carr’s Easyway is different and causes no feelings of deprivation (the smoker is happy to be free and doesn’t feel that they are quitting some kind of crutch or prop) therefore those using the method tend to be happy non-smokers and far less likely to return to smoking at times of stress.