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National No Smoking Day 2012 (UK)

March 2012

Allen Carr always used to dismiss No Smoking Day … other than it being a great opportunity to obtain media coverage he rightly said that this was the day when most smokers would probably smoke twice as many cigarettes as they normal did (in protest) or just ignore it entirely.

Of course he was right and this year there appears to be more than a little apathy from the media also. Other than a a few lines about the dangers of Shish Pipe smoking, a little about Kerry Katona supporting Stacey Solomon for smoking during her pregnancy, and a small piece about pets being harmed by passive smoking – the only space given over to smoking appears to be mainly paid-for adverts from e-cigarette companies. It does look like these companies have hi-jacked the day in the print media.

In previous years I guess it was the nicotine patches and gum part of the nicotine industry that monopolised the day – this year it’s the e-cigarette arm of the nicotine industry.

Meet the new boss…same as the old boss!

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