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Jamie Oliver’s Fifteen Foundation and Allen Carr’s Easyway. How did it go?

November 2011

From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide Director, Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking


Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking Team in London are used to dealing with all kinds of requests; from celebrity clients who want to quit smoking in the privacy of their own homes – to global corporate clients who want to help their staff quit smoking at quit smoking seminars held in their London offices. But even the team in London were excited to hear from Jamie Oliver’s brilliant Fifteen Apprentice program in London. The Fifteen Apprentice Program, part of the Jamie Oliver Foundation, uses the magic of food to give young people a chance to have a better future. Now in its tenth year the program is seeking to do as much as it can to encourage the young people embarking on a career in catering to establish positive patterns.

We were delighted to arrange a seminar via our London quit smoking center’s corporate service and it was wonderful to receive the feedback from Jamie Oliver’s team and the attendees. Testimonials from people who have quit smoking can really encourage smokers to attempt to quit. Clearly – when smokers hear how easy it can be to quit (as long as you know how) it encourages them even more.

Nikki Giles from The Jamie Oliver Foundation provided some lovely feedback “I am so grateful that Allen Carr’s Easyway agreed and facilitated a quit smoking workshop for our apprentices. Each year we have a majority who smoke and who want to quit but have never managed to successfully. The workshop was the first time I have ever experienced such a genuinely effective method which removes the struggle typifying most attempts to quit. Thank you very much.”

It’s even more wonderful to hear a selection of comments about Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking in London from some of the participants from the Fifteen Apprentice Program

Kelsey “I enjoyed the workshop, I learnt more about how smoking affects you mentally and physically. I haven’t smoked since and I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking seriously about quitting.”

Ayssa “After the workshop I feel really liberated and I am not dreading as much the next occasion when I might want a cigarette (as I did when I tried quitting before). I can’t think of a single good reason for smoking anymore and feel a lot more confident about being a non-smoker.”

Michael “Before the workshop I had many poor reasons for smoking, like boredom. The Allen Carr course has made me realise that there are no actual benefits to smoking and I’m confident that I won’t ever go back.”

Abd “It was an engaging, though provoking and life changing day!”

The seminar was presented by Colleen Dwyer, a senior facilitator at Allen Carr’s Easyway’s London center. Colleen has helped tens of thousands of smokers quit smoking in London and says “It’s a wonderful feeling helping people to quit smoking. If that wasn’t great enough – helping them to find it easy to quit smoking as opposed to them feeling like they’ve quit smoking with a sense of loss – is a magical factor. It’s why so many smokers in London (and 40 other locations in the UK and 45+ countries around the globe) who want to get off cigarettes choose Allen Carr’s Easyway.”

In the South East of England Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking have sessions regularly in London, Reading, Staines, Bournemouth, Southampton, Brighton, Maidstone, and Aylesbury.

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