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GREY is the new BLACK as quitting smoking to spice up your love life gets trendy!

March 2015

FIFTY SHADES OF GREY: Make National No Smoking Day (11th March) Work For Your Sexual Vitality

Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking Centers have experienced a 50% increase in the number of smokers citing

“a desire to improve their sex life” as a motivating factor to quit.

John Dicey, Worldwide Managing Director & Senior Facilitator at Allen Carr’s Easyway says “Many of the

clients citing ‘enhanced sex life’ as a motivating factor are women. Although the effects of quitting smoking on

women can be quite dramatic – in an extremely positive sense – the effect on men is even more intense. And

surprisingly more and more men are citing the reason to quit on the confidential questionnaires they complete at

our centers. Whether the increase has anything to do with FIFTY SHADES OF GREY or not – we simply don’t

know – but it all seems to have coincided with the popularity of the book and more recently the movie.”

Dicey continues “So much of the thinking about quitting smoking seems to involve negative expectations; that

life will be worse as a non-smoker rather than better – it’s really refreshing to see people coming along with

positive aspirations rather than expecting the worse. They get a fabulous surprise with Allen Carr’s method – not

only do they find it easy and enjoyable to quit – they genuinely enjoy incredible enhancements to their lives.”



Nicotine in tobacco is a potent vasoconstrictor. It narrows the blood vessels, which can lead to damage in the

arteries and veins. The small blood vessels in the penis are especially susceptible to damage – which naturally

causes a negative effect on your sex life.

Smoking causes a direct ''vasospastic'' effect, leading to a spasm of the arteries in the penis reducing blood

supply. In addition to that there are long-term effects too. Endothelial dysfunction, which means the degradation

in the normal biochemical processes carried out by the cells lining the inner surface of the blood vessels.

Additionally smoking causes general hardening of the arteries, and the delicate penile arteries are often some of

the first to be affected. These physiological changes combine to narrow the penile arteries leading to constriction

and blockages, resulting sometimes in permanent damage to the erection mechanism.


In a study published in   Addiction Behaviour , it was shown that just two cigarettes could cause softer erections

in male smokers. Most men would be only too happier to boost their size – few smokers realise that quitting

smoking pretty much does that.

In studies of erectile dysfunction, smoking consistently ranks as one of the biggest modifiable risk factors.

Smokers are about twice as likely to develop erectile dysfunction than non-smokers. In fact in studies over 40%

of sufferers are smokers.

Smoking is just one cause of erectile dysfunction. The others include stress (which smokers suffer more of),

hypertension (which smokers suffer more of), and diabetes (which smokers are more susceptible to).

Young smokers may not notice negative effects right away, but they could be setting themselves up for "failure"

later on in life.


With regard to the physical effects on women. There is less research available on this – but during sexual

arousal, the labia, clitoris, and vagina also swell up with blood, similar to a man's penis, enhancing sensation and

excitement. If nicotine can restrict blood flow and cause erectile dysfunction in men, it’s reasonable to predict that

blood flow is restricted in women as well, and may also have a negative effect on sensation.

Dicey says “Anecdotally – we get emails from women who have attended our centers which make me blush in

terms of the positive impact that quitting smoking has had in that regard.”


Several studies show that men who smoke have lower sperm counts, on average, and their sperm are somewhat

more likely to be abnormally shaped. Both of these factors lower a man's fertility; so if you're trying to have kids,

try to kick the habit first. There is even evidence suggesting smoking affects testosterone levels and reduces the

volume of ejaculate and impaired sperm motility.

General physical fitness and aerobic fitness. An element of vitality. Smokers tend to me more out of shape and

more overweight and less inclined to exercise


It can be a real turn off. When one partner smokes and the other doesn’t it causes all kinds of issues. It’s not just

a case of the smell that is regarded as a turn off – but in many cases the partner who smokes is likely to be less

attentive sexually. At the back of their mind there’s an element of wanting to “get it over with” so they can have a

cigarette. This in itself not only shortens the sexual encounter but is also an incredible turn off for the partner.

What’s a reasonable period between finishing making love and the smoker lighting up. Too soon and it can kill

the passion. It’s a BIG turn off.

Dicey continues “One anecdote from a client who attended our London center sums this up. Apparently his

girlfriend dumped him when, during sex, she noticed he had manoeuvred them into a position whereby he could

reach his cigarettes and lighter and spark up a cigarette without her noticing him do so – whilst continuing in the

act. As soon as she noticed the smoke she kicked him out of bed.”

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