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Cigarettes £17/$30 a pack in Australia!

September 2016

Australian Anti-Tobacco Policy Pushes the Cost of a Pack of Cigarettes above £17 (nearly A$30)

The only way is up – the policy is expected to push pack prices over £23 (A$40) within 4 years.

One has to feel sympathy for smokers. They’ve been ostracised, nagged, harassed, targeted with terrifying health warnings, haunted by horrific photos of health issues caused by smoking, banned, banished, and pushed towards a lifetime of nicotine addiction by encouragement to use nicotine patches, gum, and e-cigarettes.

It continues to be ‘open season’ on smokers and all but the most mean-spirited former smoker must feel tremendous sympathy for the plight of the modern day smoker.

Thankfully – everyone involved with Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking organisation feels the smokers’ pain. One of the main qualifications for being in ‘Team Allen Carr’ is not only that you have been a smoker but that you were also set free by the method. Our team across the globe, including our AWESOME team in Australia, headed up by Natalie Clays, Di Fisher, and Jaime Reed, can all empathise with smokers who feel disenfranchised, marginalised, and bullied. We are in no way ‘anti-smoker’ – we were all caught in the trap once – we merely exist in order to help anyone who wants to quit – to set themselves free.

Will sky-high prices force smokers into attempting to quit?

Maybe. It will certainly make the cost of our books and live quit smoking seminars across Australia even better value (although with the money back guarantee that we offer at the seminars – the price we charge is pretty irrelevant).

It is likely that the price rises, caused by a 12.5% federal government tax hike, to be repeated every year until 2020, might also fuel the black market for smuggled and counterfeit cigarettes.

Of course the high price might deter youngsters from initially experimenting with cigarettes – although kids have an un-erring ability to obtain cigarettes in ‘singles’ or ‘loosies’ (one cigarette at a time) from a variety of sources. After that – the addiction pretty much takes over.

Anyone who’s witnessed the poverty stricken adult smokers of Africa and the Far East also buying ‘singles’ instead of food for their family no doubt has an insight into the ‘sticking power’ of nicotine addiction. Having been mercilessly targeted by Big Tobacco, the age at which children have started smoking in those regions has got younger and younger over the past two decades. So pricing smokers out of the market alone – isn’t enough. Kids need to be educated to avoid addiction and smokers need to be helped to quit.

Back in Australia – several cigarette companies are attempting to ameliorate and disguise the effect of the tax hike by reducing the number of cigarettes in a pack. Unlike Allen Carr’s Easyway, cigarette companies treat their customers as if they’re stupid.

If the anti-tobacco establishment in Australia, who have succeeded in making it the most expensive country in the world in which to be a smoker, could add Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Smoking into the mix – their policy might well be more effective. It’s simply not good enough, or for that matter fair, to push smokers around and tax them to the hilt without also offering them an effective means of quitting smoking.

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From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide CEO & Senior Facilitator, Allen Carr’s Easyway

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