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Another happy non-smoker from………West Sussex, UK (again!)

April 2013

It’s wonderful to receive testimonials from our UK quit smoking centers. Mike Harris had a straight choice between our centers in Brighton or London (check out to find your nearest Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking Center in the UK or for our worldwide locations.)

Full Name: Mike Harris from Haywards Heath West Sussex

Occupation: Service Manager

Have you tried to quit before and if so, which methods have you tried? Yes many times and tried all the current so called aids

Did you quit smoking using an Allen Carr book or by attending an Allen Carr’s Easyway center session? I attended an Allen Carr’s Easyway To Quit Smoking Center Session

Briefly describe your thoughts on the book/center session: Totally amazing, came out of the session a non-smoker. Just love not being a smoker anymore

Approx date that you quit smoking? 18.04.2013

Briefly describe the impact on your life of having quit smoking: Feel better, able to run better distances. Can smell so many things now. It’s like a forgotten world, I’m just glad I had this choice to quit. I’m never going back to that place again!!!

Is there something special which you have achieved since you quit smoking? I’ve started to ride my bike to work – I’ve never done that before and now I ride 11 miles a day! The reason I quit smoking was that it had taken over my life and had become an awful secret sin.