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Another happy non-smoker from….Warsaw, Poland

September 2012

Thank you so much for your testimonial Anita Stelmasiuk, age 27, Warsaw

I started to smoke in high school, and I don’t know when the cigarette became my daily companion.
I liked to smoke ritually, after eating, after leaving work, with beer, while playing cards, after sex, and many countless situations. I had no plan when I should quit smoking, because (as I thought) I was not addicted to cigarettes. I always thought that I’m not the kind of person who easily becomes addicted to anything.
The “union” with cigarettes lasted for nine years, until one September’s afternoon 2011. I was drinking coffee in the mall when I saw an old friend. It turned out that he is a manager of the cafe I was sitting at. I offered him to go outside for a cigarette :

– I do not smoke for already half a year – said Adam.

– How is that possible? You always said, just as I did, that “you smoke because you like to smoke” and do not intend to quit smoking!

– I know, but I read Allen Carr’s quit smoking book and I do not smoke more than a year.

– Really! You do not smoke! What is in this book?

– I’ll send you the author’s name and the title on Facebook, you should read and find out yourself.

We said goodbye, and when he left I laughed in my mind, “Adam just has a strong will. Should recognise his determination instead of giving credit to a book. “

A week later, arranging my things I found a book called “The Easy Way – a simple method to
successfully quit smoking. “ I thought it was probably the same one that Adam told me about. So I decided to check it.
I logged in to Facebook and confirmed – that was the book. But what is it doing in my stuff ? – I thought.
Then I realised that at the beginning of the year I got it from my friend Kaja from work. Kaja always looked at me with compassion when during the winter I was freezing while smoking outside. She never smoked, but her brother broke the habit after reading Allen Carr’s book. I took it as a sign and, although with a bit of scepticism, I started to explore its contents. I do not know how it happened, but at the end of the day I was done with reading and smoked my last cigarette.

I have gained something valuable – awareness of my body, a great respect for me and my body.
I will not write much about the positive sides of not smoking, I just wanted to ask you for one thing dear reader: if you read this article, go one step further and reach for the book, or get in touch with your nearest Allen Carr quit smoking center I support the thesis that nothing in life happens by accident and everything has its
Now is the best time for you to do something for yourself, and Allen Carr’s method to quit smoking is simple and painless. Trust me, I’m a living example of the effectiveness of this method.