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Can I use Allen Carr’s Easyway to Quit Vaping?

August 2016

If you’re one of the few e-cigarette or other nicotine product users who have successfully quit smoking but remain hooked on nicotine, you’re very much not the exception. For you the advantages of becoming entirely free from nicotine remain compelling – we’re having more and more vapers attending our quit smoking seminars to rid themselves of the addiction altogether. So please, don’t be offended by our assertion that the vast majority of e-cigarette users continue to smoke; it happens to be true. While you continue to remain addicted to nicotine, you remain vulnerable to smoking and all the downsides of addiction. Getting free from those is priceless.

A new generation of nicotine addicts have been recruited via the e-cigarette phenomenon. Equally devastating is the fact that smokers who previously might have abstained from smoking at times when they were not able to smoke, for example at home or in the car with kids or at non-smoker friends’ houses, will now vape at those times. This means they’re actually consuming more nicotine than they might have done before the introduction of e-cigarettes. Remember, they smoke when they can and vape when they can’t.

In addition to that, no-one is keeping count of the number of former smokers who quit with willpower who are being sucked back into nicotine addiction by unbridled e-cigarette availability, marketing, and advertising?

Much of the UK Tobacco Control Establishment seem to be in denial about the risks of youngsters being attracted to e-cigarettes and the likely effect of the renormalization of smoker/smoker-like behaviour. This is a position they simply won’t be able to maintain as more and more studies are published showing the impact of e-cigarettes on youth smoking rates.

Did we really need to wait for a piece of research to tell us that marketing e-cigarettes to young people and renormalizing smoker/smoker-like behaviour across the media and society generally will result in more young people using them and going on to smoke real cigarettes?

The overview of the nicotine situation then is stark. We have a new generation of addicts in development. Existing smokers are likely to be increasing their intake of nicotine rather than decreasing it (by smoking AND vaping); there continues to be a re-normalization of smoker/smoker-like behaviour – making the whole thing appeal to youngsters; many former smokers are being drawn back into nicotine addiction and smoking; little is known of the health effects of long-term nicotine use in the dual form of smoking and vaping (or just vaping for that matter); and those with a vested interest in ‘The Nicotine Industry’ will lead the field in establishing how harmful or otherwise it may be. And we all know how well that’s turned out in the past!

This is an industry with a proven track record of fraud on a global scale, built on lies, bribery, corruption, suppression of study data that’s resulted in tens of millions of lives being lost, direct involvement in organized international tobacco smuggling, aggressive marketing to children in the developing world, as well as more covert targeting of youngsters in other parts of the world where direct marketing to children is forbidden. This is the most powerful and destructive industry on the planet. They appear to be winning ‘The Nicotine War’.

You don’t want to be a casualty or victim of that war; that’s why you’ve read this far. Use Allen Carr’s Easyway method to quit. Although we talk exclusively about cigarettes, in doing so we’re referring to nicotine in all its forms. Carry on smoking, vaping, or smoking AND vaping, as you use the method; don’t be tempted to cut down or control your intake before you attend one of our seminars

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If you haven’t smoked a cigarette for a long period – there’s no need for you to do so – when you complete the seminar or program and are asked to have a final cigarette or e-cigarette just confirm in your mind that you’ve already done so.

In the unlikely event that you’ve vaped without smoking for a long period – just carry on vaping throughout the seminar or program – you’ll still be able to relate virtually all you hear to your vaping. Please do make sure you do that as you go through the method.

The same goes for you if you are using patches, gum, snus, dip, or nicotine in any form. When it comes to the final cigarette at the end of the book, just have one final e-cigarette or shot of nicotine in whatever form you’ve been using it.

Follow Allen Carr’s instructions and you’ll find it not only easy to be free, but you’ll actually enjoy the whole process of quitting. You won’t just be free; you’ll be happy to be free. That might sound too good to be true at the moment, but give it a go, you really have nothing to lose and absolutely everything to gain.

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From the desk of John Dicey, Worldwide CEO & Senior Facilitator, Allen Carr’s Easyway