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Free Information – Quit Smoking

Free online consultation

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Not sure if you’re ready? Daunted by the prospect of what quitting will mean for you?
We can help.

Take a few minutes to fill out our online consultation and we will get back to you with our personalised recommendation.
Go on, start your journey to freedom today!

Online Consultation



Free Booklets – Top Tips & Myths

Two free booklets top tips and myths reports

Free booklets “Myths about nicotine addiction and weight gain” and  “Top tips for a smoke free future”.

These will cover: The myths holding you back, how to successfully quit easily and without suffering, how to quit without weight gain.

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Free Films

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A series of free films covering how to successfully quit easily and without suffering; the myths holding you back, dirty tricks that keep smokers hooked, and how ‘Big Tobacco‘ manipulates smokers.

Don’t panic – We promise no scare tactics and please smoke while watching. This is not a quit smoking program – but will help you if you ever decide to quit smoking in the future.

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